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Moorooluck Australian Stock Horse (ASH) Stud established in 1985 by John and Barbara Barry, it is located on the Mornington Peninsula at Moorooduc in Victoria, one hour south of Melbourne. Moorooluck is situated in an equine breeding area known throughout the world; it is the preferred location of some of Australia's leading horse studs, equestrian training, horse clubs and horse riding schools.

Moorooluck aims to breed, handle and prepare horses that are calm, intelligent, responsive, athletic and with a good temperament and attitude, which John sees as the main attributes to excel in camp drafting, polocrosse, jumping, eventing, cross country, dressage, and pony club games and novelties. Australian stock horses are also known for their quiet nature which also makes Moorooluck horses excellent for trail riding, adult riders and pleasure riding.

John Barry has produced many horse club mounts for pony club and adult riders of all ages and abilities. Moorooluck stud horses perform well for all riders, from serious performance competition riders to pleasure riders. They compete in horse show, jumping, dressage, cross country, eventing, games, novelties, polocrosse, and camp drafting.

All horses have been specifically reared and trained in a herd environment after initial imprint training and therefore socialize brilliantly in group conditions. In addition, from the moment of birth, the foals are accustomed to humans through imprint training, machinery, tractors, cars and dogs, to produce a spook proof horse that is suited to all equestrian events.

Moorooluck Australian Stock Horses have and will be seen at Equitana - 'The Way of the Horse' and other events featuring prominent Australian horse trainers, showing their skills with preferred Australian Stock Horse Society registered horses.

Monty Roberts has also shown his preference for Australian Stock Horses by selection of unbroken horses from Moorooluck for his Melbourne demonstration.

John and Barbara currently have many broodmares, mares, stallions, geldings, colts, fillies, weanlings and yearlings for sale of various levels in training and education. Most horses are Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS) registered studbook or are eligible for registration. In addition, we have ASH horses for sale carrying bloodlines of Abbey, Bobbie Bruce, Glenormiston Lucky, Chan, Panzer, Nabinabah, Elliotts Creek Cadet, Scrumlo Firelight, Star Black Minstril, Terlings Deo Juvante, Wardance, Comara Princess, Rosebrook Cedar, and Stanton Stud Henry.

The need to reduce our workload has resulted in cheap horses for sale, representing some very good horse deals. For some of the best horse deals possible in Australian Stock Horse export and international horse sales exist at present.

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